Dual Battery Setup

There are a million videos and how to’s on dual battery installs so I am not going to rehash one here.  I will share my parts list, cost, and a few pics.
My total in this project is $755 and about half a day of install time.
Scroll to the bottom for a breakdown of components, prices, and links to products.
After the battery was installed, I connected all accessories to the 2nd battery that were originally connected to the single battery.  This includes winch, lights, sPOD, and ARB air compressor.
I also ran power into the jeep connected to a distribution strip to provide power to accessories inside the Jeep.  This cable was ran through the upper access hole in the firewall that comes out behind the dash on the passenger side door.  This cable is then connected to the distribution strip which is mounted behind the glove box.   The distribution switch has (1) 40A fused input, and (8) fused outputs.  I  like the idea the each circuit is fused to protect the system and other devices connected.   I intend to reroute the JKU’s center console and rear cargo 12v cig lighter outlets to this strip so they run off the second battery.   I also intend to install a fridge in the very near future. 
The National Luna dual charge controller is mounted in the center shift console with some velcro.
My total in this project is $755 and about half a day install time.
Parts and cost
2nd Optima Yellow top – $280 ( all ready had 1st one and got this one on sale)
2 gauge pos/neg cables and connectors – $25  (Autozone Parts Store)
Thanks for reading….


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