Epic Road Trip – Day 1

In mid July members of the Georgia Wranglers headed out to Ouray and Moab for some awesome wheeling.  We started out in Ouray Colorado for four days of riding some of the most scenic trails in the country.  The Rocky Mountains are awe inspiring, and there is an photo opportunity in every direction you turn.

I’ll go ahead and spoil any suspense that readers may have.  If you recall two years ago, we had an unfortunate accident that left the original Tank totaled in Ouray.  This year, there were no incidents, and no accidents.

Follow along as I post some of the photos below from Day 1:
You can view all 171 photos here and in a larger format- https://www.wanderoffroad.photography/Epic-Road-Trip-2019

Arrival in Colorado

Day 1 meeting at the Switzerland of American “sign” for morning lineup.  Day 1 was the Alpine Loop which consist of Engineer and Cinnamon Passes. Seven jeeps in our group total.

Engineer Pass is a mere 12,800 feet in elevation!!

Cinnamon Pass is 12,640 feet in elevation!

You can view all 171 photos here – https://www.wanderoffroad.photography/Epic-Road-Trip-2019

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