Epic Road Trip – Day 2

The quaint little town of Ouray in the morning.  In just a few short hours, the main street will be bustling with offroaders and tourist.

Follow along as I post some of the photos below from Day 2:

All 71 photos can be viewed here and in a larger format-

The “sign”.  Our morning meeting place to head out for the trails.  Today’s trails are Ophir Pass over to Telluride, and then the Last Dollar Road back towards Ouray.

Our clan of Jeepers!!!

The moon sitting above the mountains.

The narrow shelf road on Ophir is just wide enough for one vehicle.

If you zoom way in, you can see the jeeps on the road.

After lunch in Telluride, we headed out on Last Dollar Road.

Back in Ouray!

All 71 photos can be viewed here https://www.wanderoffroad.photography/Epic-Road-Trip-2019/20190723-Ouray-Day-2


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