Overland Trailer Build – Part 2

The next phase of the project was to get some metal work done on the trailer. James Atwell over at Stage Left Fabrication took great care of my “To Do” list on the trailer. If you need some fab work and are located in the North Georgia area check him out. http://www.stageleftfab.com

The “To Do” list included:

Extending the tongue by 2′ and replacing the old tongue jack with a new jack with 8″wheel.

Fabrication of a plate for the water filler connector. This will allow us to easily fill the 20gal tank that will reside under the frame in the original fuel tank location.

Welding a Rock plate to the front cut from diamond tread steel.

Trimming the fenders and reenforcing them with tube steel.

Welding on the extended hangers for the front leaf spring.

A exo-skeleton / roof rack to support a future RTT or cargo basket.

Along with extending the tongue was to build out the front to support a storage box and spare tire.

The next phase was to get it all stripped back down to head off to the powder coaters. The coater will completely dissemble it, blast it and color match the cabinet to the Gobi tan of the Jeep.

While at the coaters I cleaned up the axle, hangers, and replaced the hubs for new ones.

Stay tuned for part 3 of the finial assembly.

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