Overland Trailer Build – Part 4

The next phase was to finish up little details of the trailer. A quick trip over to Miller Decals was in order for them to lay on a mountain scene on each of the side doors. The graphic was purchased from a store on Etsy.

The lights were installed and everything rewired. Spare tire mounted.

Here is a view of the water filler cap. This will allow us to fill the 20gal water tank mounted below the trailer in the original fuel tank location.

Here you can see the 20gal tank. I have yet to plumb all the fill lines – that will have to wait until we get to Arizona! The water system will have a 12v pump to pressurize the water for showers, washing dishes, and anything else. The water tank and all components are food grade so the water could be potable.

Please stay tuned for more as we trek across the US to our new home in Arizona.

2 thoughts on “Overland Trailer Build – Part 4

  1. Digging the setup! I’d love to build something similar in the near future. Would love the beta off of you if can share it.


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